Newborn Care

Newborn Care in Sparta NJ

Skylands Pediatric, directed by Dr. Carol Calabrese, Dr. Inna Meskin, and Dr. Alexis Capozzoli, who see their young patients daily for various healthcare needs. Our doctors are skilled, experienced, and board-certified pediatric doctors devoted to quality healthcare for our children. Our doctors want to talk about newborn care for your baby.

Newborn Healthcare

The Ideal Scenario

Skylands Pediatrics in Sparta, NJ, explains that if you are pregnant and need a quality pediatric doctor, please call us and schedule an appointment before your baby is born. We can discuss your goals for your unborn baby's healthcare and outline our goals for keeping your child in the best health possible.

We will see your baby after birth to make this their first physical exam and administer what vaccinations are due shortly after birth. We get to know your child from day one and follow them until 18-21. This scenario offers the best continuity of healthcare possible because we get acquainted with your baby from their first day of life. 

We Always Welcome Older Children into Our Practice

We don't always get to take care of children on the day of birth. Patients come and go from our practice for various reasons, such as their parents moving away. We welcome you and your children into our family pediatric practice at any age.

Newborn Healthcare is Critical!

Newborn care is critical for your baby to get on the right wellness path from day one! Routine health examinations throughout a child's life are vital to keeping your child healthy. Your baby's first exam occurs shortly after birth while in the hospital and may include the standard nationwide following.

We will schedule the required examination appointments after your baby leaves the hospital.

  • Ensuring a healthy transition from womb to after birth (sustain regular heart pattern, maintain temperature and respiratory rate)
  • Apgar test of seven or more (skin coloration, reflex response, muscle tone, breathing pattern, and immediately assess low Apgar scores)
  • Monitoring of baby's progress before sending home
  • Urgent medical intervention, if necessary
  • Screenings, testings to uncover specific health problems early (prick of the heel, sample blood testing)
  • Examinations
  • Surgical procedures, if necessary (circumcision)
  • Vitamin K shot
  • Eye drops
  • Hearing test
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Monitor nutritional intake from the mother or formula
  • Monitor stool, urine output
  • Monitor for jaundice

Quality Child Healthcare in New Jersey

If you need a quality pediatric doctor, please call Dr. Calabrese, Dr. Meskin, or Dr. Capozzoli today at Skylands Pediatrics in Sparta, NJ, at (973) 729-2197 to schedule your child's appointment. We can't wait to meet you and your child and help you embark on a healthy pathway.

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