Sick Child Visits

Sick-Child Visits at Skylands Pediatrics in Sparta, New Jersey

Sparta, New Jersey, is home to Skylands Pediatrics. Our three esteemed pediatric board-certified doctors, Dr. Carol Calabrese, Dr. Inna Meskin, and Dr. Alexis Capozzoli, see their young patients daily for sick visits and emergency visit appointments. Our doctors want to explain how sick visits work and that these visits are different from your child's routine well-child visits, so you can make better informed decisions.

Defining a Sick Visit

When your child is ill, you want them to have prompt medical attention as soon as possible. These appointments prioritize your child because they are emergent visits. We focus on treating an existing illness and its symptoms. The benefits of sick visits are as follows.

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast diagnosis
  • Immediate treatment
  • Medical advice
  • Monitor symptoms
  • Give information on how to manage illness at home
  • Avoids further complications
  • Individualized care according to symptoms and needs
  • Medication prescription with all essential information

Symptoms That Mean a Sick Visit

Our pediatric doctors at Skylands Pediatrics in Sparta, NJ would agree that a high fever for over three days, vomiting, a body rash, confusion, headaches, heavy breathing or shortness of breath, diarrhea, stomach ache, sore throat, ear ache, persistent pain, and stiff neck cause concern for a sick-visit.

What Does a Sick Visit Entail?

Our focus is on nothing else except the child's illness and symptoms and getting the child on a treatment plan to restore their health.

  • Explain the child's symptoms, when they began, medical history, lifestyle, diet, and prescribed medications
  • Our doctor takes and listens to blood pressure, temperature, pulse, heart and lung sounds, examines ears, nose, and throat
  • Diagnose problem
  • Provide treatment options

Please Prepare for Your Child's Sick Visit

A child-sick visit is a time to write down all your concerns and any medication your child takes, including over-the-counter medicines. Before your visit, know your child's medical history, lifestyle, current symptoms, and temperature tracking at home.

What You Can Expect from Skylands Pediatrics

  • Prompt appointment response
  • Full undivided attention by our doctors and staff
  • Advice and educational tips to manage illness
  • Treatment options
  • Written instructions for home care
  • Provide unparalleled quality health care for your child
  • Possible referral to a specialist
  • Possible hospital admission for severe illness

Dr. Calabrese, Dr. Meskin, and Dr. Capozzoli at Skylands Pediatrics in Sparta, New Jersey, provide quality pediatric sick visits and routine well-child visits. We await your child's sick visit appointment. Please call us immediately at (973) 729-2197 to schedule it.

We accept new and current patient appointments for sick and well-child visits. We work hard to accommodate same-day emergency visits depending on availability. Our goal is to keep you out of the emergency room or a walk-in clinic visit.

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